v0.3 Changelog

v0.3 Changelog

tl;dr missile nerfs, tighter movement and level changes
New Content

- Depression man's final form has been revealed
-- Has the ability to take control of enemies
- New first level
-- Much more descriptive signs
- Killing an enemy now refreshes your boost meter, allowing for combos
-- You don't need to lock on to homing attack during a combo
- super sayan 3d
- Respawning drones
- New character


- General movement and other things should be more tight now
- Lock on completely rewritten and hopefully improved (need feedback on this!)
- Homing attack homes better
- Replaced character shadows, should help with jumping and stuff
- Massive enemy changes
- Particle changes pretty much everywhere
- Even smoother camera
- New city stuff
- Missile nerfs
-- Now have a lifetime, will malfunction and explode shortly after
-- Can be reflected with boost
-- Scale with enemy size
-- Bulk of the damage moved to the explosion
- New item icons
- New level 1 design
- New pickup models
- New boss attacks
- Boss renamed (temporary)
- Chest UI resized
- Chests used more often; nobody likes having fifty gorillion coins and nothing to spend it on


- Camera now bumps properly in all states


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Feb 19, 2018

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