v0.4 Changelog

v0.4 Changelog
- New dash mechanic for every character
- No longer stagger when you run out of boost; why did I add this in the first place?
- Reworked text system, interaction, added cutscenes and stuff
- New environment models
- Updated character models
- New levels
- New enemies
- 2 new bosses
- Unlockable characters
- Functional save system
-- Coins, keys, lives and unlocked characters are saved
- New key system to access other levels
- New placeholder music (no purpose really, just spicing things up)
- New animation controller, should feel a lot smoother
- Long jumping is more polished; still needs its own animation
- Depression Dude can now boost as I wasn't happy with the state of his unique ability. Expect this to be changed in the future.
- More camera smoothness
- Tilting platforms
- Plenty of bugfixes
- Tons of stuff

There's so many changes in this build I can't even remember all of them. Definitely the biggest update so far.


game v0.4
Mar 20, 2018

Get Yet Another Platformer but This Time it's 3D

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