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version 07242019 changelist

relatively smaller update, mostly refining existing mechanics and adding a bit of extra content. no real balance/progression changes like before so progress won't be wiped this time
also a bit of compression to reduce the file size

==== tl;dr ====

- ogtrox updated
- warwick updated
- rhaast updated
- boris slightly updated
- bit of bonus content added

==== changes ====

- warwick update
-- new unique leap ability
-- new ultimate: can be cast without full blood well, gives super armor + healing + increased leap range
-- added recall animation
-- added missing transition animations
-- smoothed out some transitions
-- attack damage increased
-- added jax passive on steroids
-- riposte is faster
-- dash attack is faster
-- all new vfx/sfx
-- hitboxes improved
-- extra jumps removed as they were mere compensation for the character being unfinished garbage

- rhaast update
-- now uses his iconic scythe with his own moveset
-- new ultimate: UMBRAL TRESPASS
-- does exactly what it does in the source material, with an added twist
-- rebalanced stats
-- added a voice line
-- was testing a command grab but wasn't happy with it so it didn't make the cut; may return in the future

- ogtrox update
-- base attack speed lower, damage much higher
-- added riposte
-- added missing transition animations
-- added blades of torment
-- added massacre cast animation
-- massacre gives access to an expanded moveset and much greater mobility as well as increased range and attack speed
-- improved hitboxes
-- updated visuals
-- added demonflare
-- can now hover
-- all equipment is now visible
-- added voice lines i think

- boris mini update
-- base attack speed increased
-- ultimate can now be casted without full blood well
-- casting this way will grant super armor, hp regen, faster charge attacks and attack speed
-- casting with a full blood well will activate world ender, trading speed for overwhelming power
-- has a revive in world ender form
-- hover updated, smoother and more responsive

- general/mechanics
-- changed camera perspective a bit, can now zoom in/out with mouse wheel
-- added inventory tooltips
-- diamond sword now gives increased strength and acts as a weapon skin
-- reaching a boss will now set your spawn to the boss fight, so you don't have to clear the whole level again
-- t to dance
-- aatrox massacre phantom hit removed, range increased even more
-- thirst hits now fill up the blood well
-- blades of torment size increased, damage increased, speed increased
-- dark flight has a new glide skill unlocked at lvl 29, the dive portion of the attack starts once the key is released
-- demonflare cast animation updated
-- justicar(enemy) riposte damage reduced, that was an oversight on my end
-- shurima ruins design updated
-- added wheelchair accessibility
-- demonflare lag fixed, windup animation added, can no longer be casted during the descent
-- reduced parry spam on all bosses
-- enemy parry window drastically decreased
-- ayytrox new basic attacks + new projectile in place of blades of torment
-- added jax passive to ayytrox (stacking attack speed per hit, falls off over time)
-- behemoths take less hits to knock down and take more damage on the head
-- enemies being targeted by other enemies will now match their aggression (this means implings will pick fights with behemoths)
-- added some buddies to help with elder behemoth :-] but you can kill them too if you like
-- rewrote attack timing, should have eliminated lots of small bugs and smoothed it out
-- rewrote hitstop, now stacks from all sources, no longer desyncs anything
-- a few subtle balance changes here and there to enemy hitzones
-- added something cool and epic to minecraft to greatly improve the player experience

- content
-- added new boss + equipment in demod veng
-- added another common shield drop
-- added new unlockable character
-- added new small area + boss in shurima
-- added more waves of bs to both proving ground and dark crater for the masochists out there

- bugfixes
-- fixed various dark flight bugs
-- fixed tutorial popups not properly scaling with resolution
-- fixed various pause bugs
-- can no longer double jump during knockback

- visual
-- all sword trails are much subtler
-- massacre reverted to old visuals, particles cleaned up
-- ayytrox wings removed, texture updated, added missing effects, new massacre texture

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Man i miss old Aatrox, this amazing game is very fun and challenging on it's own, plus the references and little hidden things everywhere make it a solid game, but add the sentimental value of aatrox, and you got a masterpiece ^^

This is outstanding , The mechanics, the controls, the entire idea of an Aatrox solo game,  Man you really did a game to remember, at least for me <3 Thank you so much 


thank u, glad u enjoyed :]]