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version 12112019 changelist

- new prologue(icathia)
- shields reworked into an active
- gun fixed
- press c to see stats
- proving ground update
- lots of bugfixes
- ascalon moved to proving ground, justicar now drops power brace
- underground path boris drops lantern
- new reward for defeating morde on mt targon

==== characters ====

- dark flight(all chars)
-- now dives toward where you're facing, rather than straight down
- hellbent threshold increased to 40%

- aatrox(sword)
-- general range increased

- aatrox(gauntlet)
-- air m2 now has aoe on ground impact

- rhaast
-- shadow step: faster startup, bit less movement speed, stun removed

- darkin blade
-- new tipper mechanic
-- base hits deal reduced damage
-- hitting with the tip of the blade critically strikes for 25% bonus damage

- mordekaiser
-- forward m1: if held during cast, will warp targeted enemy in front of you
-- ^will function same as before if not held
-- new back m2: explosion
-- m2 lvl 3 charge damage- 400% >>> 350%

- azir
-- umbral strike added (needs polish still)
-- m2: conquering sands- soldiers will now interrupt their attacks to start a new one, as well as using basic attacks rather than lunges when already in range of an enemy
-- f: shifting sands
--- can now be held for 1s channel time to detonate all soldiers with an aoe explosion
--- if released early, warp to nearest soldier, killing them (or last soldier summoned within the last 3s)

- aatrox
-- general range increased
-- m2-3 and air m2 damage increased

- warwick
-- primal howl range increased by 3x
-- f bite now better locks onto the enemy
-- bite hitboxes fixed, damage increased

- world ender
-- air m2 now has aoe (applies to boris ulti as well)
-- ulti now charges faster, much shorter duration and has armor debuff

==== misc ====
- valoran map cleaned up
- added indicator for reaching stat caps
- new world ender recall
- updated dance animations
- dungeon lighting improved
- jelly implings added to all maps

- added jukebox to proving ground
- training room floor expanded

Install instructions

download, extract and play


ATRX 12112019 (x32) 849 MB
ATRX 12112019 (x64) 851 MB
ATRX 12112019 (Mac) 890 MB
ATRX 07242019 (Linux) 689 MB


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The game is awesome.Its fun, well done, relaxing and the best thing is that me and my bro can play our main champs (Morde and Pantheon).There are some bugs with Morde because of hes size he falls through the floor but nothing that destroys the game. its awesome, but i have to ask.Is game ever going to be multiplayer?Also,could you please add old Mordekaiser as a playable character?

Man i miss old Aatrox, this amazing game is very fun and challenging on it's own, plus the references and little hidden things everywhere make it a solid game, but add the sentimental value of aatrox, and you got a masterpiece ^^

This is outstanding , The mechanics, the controls, the entire idea of an Aatrox solo game,  Man you really did a game to remember, at least for me <3 Thank you so much 


thank u, glad u enjoyed :]]